Racismo de torcedores na Rússia divide clubes em busca dos culpados

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A race row has broken out in Russian football after a banana was thrown at Congolese player Christopher Samba. It happened at the end of a game between Locomotive Moscow and Anzhi Makhachkala. Both clubs are now arguing over which set of fans were to blame.

Reportagem: Alex Capstick

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Christopher Samba signed for Anzhi Makhachkala last month from the English Premier side Blackburn Rovers. A banana landed at his feet after the match against Locomotive Moscow. The player tossed it back into the crowd, for which it’s been suggested he could face disciplinary action.

Meanwhile senior officials from the Moscow club have concluded that it was the visiting fans who were responsible for the incident. Anzhi responded by threatening legal action unless the allegations could be substantiated.

Locomotive fans have been seen racially abusing a player before. In 2010, they unveiled a banner displaying a banana, saying: “Thanks West Brom”, after the English side had signed the Nigerian striker Peter Odemwingie from the club.

Domestic football in Russia has a reputation for racism. Shortly before the country won the right to stage the 2018 World Cup the Football Union said it was committed to tackling the issue.

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signed for (foi contratado por, assinou contrato com) became contracted to

landed (caiu) fell

tossed it (jogou) casually threw it

disciplinary action (punição) punishment

threatening (ameaçando) promising to take hostile action

substantiated (substanciou, comprovou, apresentou provas) proven with evidence

racially abusing (insultado com base racista) insulting someone because of their ethnicity

unveiled (revelado) revealed

to stage (sediar) to host

tackling the issue (atacando o problema) dealing with the problem