NEWS IN ENGLISH – Supreme Court vacancy and fighter jets will be decided by Dilma

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22/12/2010NEWS IN ENGLISH – Supreme Court vacancy and fighter jets will be decided by Dilma

Newsroom Agência Brasil

Brasilia – President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has announced that he will decide the thorny case of the Cesare Battisti extradition. However, he will leave his successor at least one other difficult choice: the purchase of new fighter jets. The purchase has been under discussion since the Fernando Henrique Cardoso administration. After almost a decade without a firm decision, there are three aircraft in the running: jets from Sweden, France and the United States. Lula has pointed out that the purchase of the jets is costly. “It is a steep price, a long term debt that Brazil will have. I could make a deal with France but I have not done so,” he declared, adding that a final decision should be made only after the National Defense Council emits an official opinion.
Another decision in the aviation sector is whether or not to buy a new plane for the presidency. Lula pointed out that there was opposition to his decision to buy a new, modern jet at the beginning of his first term. But he said the purchase was positive as it helped Brazilian foreign policy by making it possible for him to travel around the world on many international trips. “A new jet is something Dilma will decide,” he said. 
Another decision Lula will pass on to Dilma Rousseff is the choice of a new justice on the Brazilian Supreme Court. There has been a vacancy since August when associate justice Eros Grau retired. Lula has pointed out that with the court in recess until February there is no hurry for an immediate decision.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English
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