NEWS IN ENGLISH – Mario Negromonte will head Ministry of Cities

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24/12/2010NEWS IN ENGLISH – Mario Negromonte will head Ministry of Cities

Iolando Lourenço and Luana Lourenço Reporters Agência Brasil

Brasília – President elect, Dilma Rousseff, has announced that the Ministry of Cities, which controls a large part of the Accelerated Growth Program (“PAC”) budget, will continue under the leadership of the PP [Dilma was elected at the head of a coalition of 12 political parties and she has to give all of them a piece of the action – this is routine at the beginning of any Brazilian administration].
However, it has been decided that Mario Negromonte, a federal deputy (PP-BA) who has been a very active politician will substitute Marcio Fortes (a lawyer and a diplomat, but not an elected official, who also was a member of the PP).
Negromonte has been a federal deputy since 1996 (during his political career he has been in the PMDB, PSDB and PPB; he has been a member of the PP since 2003). He was one of the main political supporters of the campaign to reelect the governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner (PT), and the presidential campaign of Dilma Rousseff in Bahia. He will have a “more political” presence at the ministry, something the PP requested.
Negromonte’s wife is the mayor of the city of Gloria in Bahia and a son has just been elected a state deputy.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English
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