NEWS IN ENGLISH – Electricity consumption hit new record in 2010

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06/01/2011NEWS IN ENGLISH – Electricity consumption hit new record in 2010

Nielmar de Oliveira Reporter Agência Brasil

Rio de Janeiro – In 2010, average monthly consumption of electricity in Brazil was 56,577 megawatts. That was a historical record, 8.3% more than in 2009. According to data just released by the National Electricity System Operator (“ONS”), consumption in December 2010 rose to 58,076 MW (up 6.3% compared to December 2009).
The ONS explains that December is normally a month when there is a drop in industrial activity as the holiday season approaches. This year, however, with consumer demand high there was actually a rise (up 1%, compared to November) in electricity consumption.
As for regional growth of electricity consumption in 2010, the ONS says that in the Southeast, Central West regions, which account for 60% of consumption, growth was above the national average at 8.9%.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English
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