NEWS IN ENGLISH – Dilma schedules first international visits

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03/01/2011NEWS IN ENGLISH – Dilma schedules first international visits

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Renata Giraldi and Debora Zampier Reporters Agência Brasil

Brasilia – Dilma Rousseff’s first international trips as president of Brazil will be to Argentina, Uruguay, the United States and China. Speaking to Agência Brasil reporters, Foreign Minister, Antonio Patriota, and the president’s special aide for International Affairs, Marco Aurélio Garcia, revealed that dates are being negotiated and will be announced when they have been confirmed.

Patriota and Garcia also told Agência Brasil, that there are plans for Dilma to visit Bulgaria and Peru in the near future. According to Patriota and Garcia, Dilma met the prime minister of Bulgaria, Bokoy Borissov, on December 31, who invited her to visit the country her father, Petar Rousseff (1900-1962) came from.

At an inaugural reception, Dilma told president José Mujica of Uruguay that she intends to continue holding meetings with him every three months, as president Lula did. And an invitation to visit Washington was made by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during a 15-minuite conversation also at the inaugural reception on January 1.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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