NEWS IN ENGLISH – Battisti extradition decision will come after Christmas

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22/12/2010NEWS IN ENGLISH – Battisti extradition decision will come after Christmas

Carolina Pimentel Reporter Agência Brasil

Brasília – President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has announced that he will make a final decision on the extradition of the Italian polítical activist, Cesare Battisti, after Christmas. According to the chief of the Office of the Presidency (“chefe de gabinete”), Gilberto Carvalho, Lula met with the head of the government legal office (“advogado-geral da União – AGU”), Luiz Inacio Adams, and requested more details on the legal aspects of the case. “Lula wants to ensure that his decision is based on solid legal grounds,” explained Carvalho, adding that Lula has declared that he does not want to leave the controversial Battisti decision for Dilma Rousseff. “He [Lula] wants to make this decision,” declared Carvalho.
In November 2009, the Battisti extradition case went to the Brazilian Supreme Court where two decisions, both by 5 to 4 votes, were made. First, that Battisti could legally be extradited to Italy. Second, that a final decision on the case rested with the president.
Battisti was sentenced to life imprisonment by Italian courts for murdering four people in the 1970s.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English
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